Nu är det hög tid att presentera vår stjärna Aleksandar som är en veteran på Northprim och väldigt uppskattad bland våra kunder!

Meet the one and only, Aleksandar!

A true team player and great coordinator that always puts the collectives goal and wellbeing first. Thrives in a team and he is a person that really makes your culture flourish. 

Meet the bartender and amazing programmer from Donji Milanovac, a small town in eastern Serbia, Aleksander!

Born and raised in a small town he packed his bags already at the age of 15 and moved to the capital Belgrade. Being locked in at 10PM and sharing a room with 5 others did not scare him. His cravings for knowledge and wisdom and attending a good school was too strong!

Despite Aleksanders love for knowledge and studying he took a lot of responsibility already from childhood, working at the family restaurant. This was the natural thing to do as the oldest sibling among the four of them. At the age of 17 he was the acting manager when his father was away from the restaurant. Combining studies and working was not a problem and Aleksander also had time for his passion – Football! He played as a midfielder at a high level until his master studies started.

Nowadays he is still a big fan of the sport and if you ask Aleksandar, Christian Ronaldo is the greatest of all time. (If you ask his colleagues, Ronaldo is Aleksanders look-alike…)

Guess there is no need to mention Aleksanders preferred team?

To stay fit Alexandar enjoys time at the tennis court when he is not playing with the weights at the crossfit box.

As a person we know him to be the passionate problem solver that compares programming with art where mathematics and philosophy meets in a never ending love story.

Three words that describe Aleksander both as a person and a colleague are: determination, persistence and love!

Even if he was afraid of flying as a child traveling has become a great interest and the dream destination Los Angeles is not far away…