End-to-End Agile development delivery

Our team is expert in delivering projects in an agile manner, engaging the business owners and swiftly reacting to changes

Experienced developers

Our developers are up-to date on latest technologies and methodologies

Cost and Quality matters

Our proven method is delivering relevant IT solutions, that give value to Your customers and hence boosting Your revenues

Meet Northprim

We would like to meet You and tell You all about our passion for making business and IT work together in delivering strong customer promise

Years in IT
% Lower
% Satisfied
Skill set

Competence and skills

Latest methods and technologies

With experience from large and small scale business, Northprim has necessary skills in latest system development technologies, as well as how to apply them, suiting Your business situation

We believe that customer centricity and agility is the key to success. Northprim has skills in Agile methods, latest programming frameworks, theoretical and practical project management, assuring that Your business needs are broken down from a strategical level to an IT product that Your customer will love.

Programming (.NET, Java, Angular, React)
Agile & Scrum
IT strategy
Cost efficiency

Define roadmap

Jointly define a roadmap that combines the pillars of customer value, business needs and IT architecture & development approach. The roadmap will be the guiding star for future work and needs to be tolerant for future calibration

Idea Generating

Sessions together with key business decision makers and product owners to define the business and IT-strategy for the specific customer segments and value drivers.

Realizing the Concept

Implement the set roadmap in a predictable and cost concious way. With Northprim's experienced project managers and skilled developers, we constantly maintain communication with the product/business owners, making sure the IT implementation is realizing the value set in the roadmap.

Fine-tuning The Product

Although working in an agile way, swiftly delivering increments and assuring the correct things are built through frequent demos, there is typically an opportunity to enhance the product to further suite the customer needs. The optimal scenario is when the end customers are constantly consulted and listened to

Marketing & Social Media

Now it is time to tell all Your clients and prospects about the fantastic product or service that You have released.

Other Precisions

Along the process, Northprim will constantly provide a point of view on how other domains can be enhanced or made more efficient

Define Roadmap
Idea Generating
Validation and optimization
IT Maintenance

Start easy

Try us out

Start with one or two Northprim professionals for a timeboxed outcome

Sometimes it can be an effort to welcome a new person to the team. For that reason, Northprim is offering our “Start Easy” concept, where we can provide You an IT developer and an senior IT program manager without any extra cost. The purpose of that is to have the developer coming into Your team with the least effort, routing many of the “start up/introduction” activities to an experienced consultant that can build a stucture and release your team in that effort


Keep your IT development costs low

Northprim loves system development and offers IT development services in custom development using platforms and technologies such as .NET, JAVA, React, Angular etc.

Our developers are self going and educated to incorporate the customer value view in the development lifecycle

Our senior leadership has more than 20 years in the IT industry, working with the largest European coorporations in E-commerce, Retail and Supply Chain.

We can help you transform Your organisation to work fully Agile and hence increase the IT and related business functions to better correspond to changes, have a greater development pace and as a side affect, more happy employees

From our office in Belgrade, Serbia, we can deliver an extremly cost efficient IT maintenance service, located just two hour away from many major European cities, including Sweden.

Our Belgrade office can also be used to deliver time critical and strategical IT projects.




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